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My room is ready. How do I get to the hotel? How can i find my room? How to check-out?


Did you receive informations to access the room? 


Please follow these instructions: 

  • Enter the hotel car park. You can park anywhere in the marked places.

  • At the main entrace of the hotel, turn left around the corner to the night entrance door. 
  • At the night entrance on the right on the wall, there are key safes with instructions.

  • The key to your room is in the safe number xx code: xxxx (you received this information in an SMS)

  • Open the black cover downwards. Enter your four-digit code. Open the safe with black button facing down. Take the keys and close the safe.  

  • There are 2 keys on your room keys, one of them is from the door you are standing at, unlock them and turn to the right, open the second door with the same key and go through the reception and lobby bar here is an elevator and stairs on your left.
  • Your room is on the floor whose number corresponds to the first digit of the room number (eg. room 205 = 2nd floor) 

  • On the day of check-out (until 10am) first unlock the door of night exit and put the keys into the box on the wall on the left side of the door at night exit. 

First open (unlock) the door of night exit before you put the keys into the box!

Then you can leave the hotel.